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Take a private lesson in our studio with the knowledge that you are the only client being taught at Berkshire Pilates during your lesson. With fewer distractions, you can focus your undivided attention and effort toward reaching your goals. We are the only studio in Great Barrington where your instructor teaches Classic Pilates and is a Physical Therapist!

Authentic, Classic Pilates in the Berkshires

I have had the great fortune to be taught Pilates by the renowned Pilates master, Romana Krysanowska. Our state of the art, fully equipped Pilates studio is centrally located on Main Street in downtown Great Barrington, in the historic Berkshire Block Building.

About Us

Your Private Lesson Studio

At Berkshire Pilates, you are the only client in the studio.

How We Got Here!

Mr. Pollock has been involved in physical fitness since high school and has worked as a Senior Physical Therapist at the Rusk Institute NYU, and later, held the position of Chief Physical Therapist at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

In 1980, Mr. Pollock started Marathon Physical Therapy P.C., his private physical therapy practice with a concentration in Orthopedics. He was the first President of the Long Island Association of Independent Physical Therapists and his articles have been published in two medical journals.

In the early 1990’s Mr. Pollock started to explore Pilates—the physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

He began taking private lessons under the direction of famed instructor Romana Krysanowska, a protégé of Joseph Pilates and an influential Pilates expert in New York City.

Within a few weeks, Mr. Pollock found that he had developed a stronger core and greater flexibility throughout his body. But most profoundly, his mild, chronic back pain disappeared and he began to employ several Pilates principles and techniques with his patients in his physical therapy practice.

In 1995, Mr. Pollock became a certified Pilates Instructor and opened the first Pilates studio on Long Island, New York, teaching the classic Pilates method.

“My experience as a Physical Therapist dovetailed perfectly with my Pilates Studio,” said Mr. Pollock. “In Physical Therapy I could help improve flexibility, increase strength and decrease pain. In my Pilates Studio, I could further help my clients in a similar vein but in a wellness setting. “

In 1998, Mr. Pollock expanded his practice and opened Locust Valley Fit ( a studio that continues to offer Pilates Lessons, improving athletic performance, flexibility, balance and post-rehab programs on the North Shore of Long Island.

Mr. Pollock now lives in Lenox, MA. “Moving to the Berkshires was a dream of mine for many decades. My three children went to camp here and my sister moved to S. Egremont 11 years ago. I became captivated by the beauty and wonderful vibe of this picturesque New England town and I am now proud to call it home.”

“Whether you are an accomplished athlete, relatively sedentary, or somewhere in between, I look forward to designing a program to meet your specific needs.”

Cell: (516) 637-5206            Email: [email protected]

Doug Pollock, PT Owner, Instructor

A licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor, Doug studied Pilates under Romana Kryzanowska in NYC, and opened the first Pilates studio on Long Island in 1995.   He provides private instruction in Pilates,  general fitness, and post-rehabilitation programs.

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Berkshire Pilates

321 Main Street, Ste L01, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230

Private Lessons by Appointment.

Cell: (516) 637-5206
Email: [email protected]


Monday 9am–5pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am–5pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday Seasonal

Private Lesson Fee

Doug Pollock, PT. Instructor

Private Lesson


50 Minutes Private Lesson

10 Private Lesson Package


Duet Lesson


Acceptable forms of payment: Venmo, Check or Cash


“Lucky Great Barrington! I worked with Doug twice a week for 15 years. there is no one better!” -C.M.

“I feel stronger, more energetic, and my posture has improved. I feel more limber, too.” -W.C.

“This is the best thing that has happened to my back.  I’ve had Physical Therapy as well as other treatments, and nothing before this has helped.  Now I feel great.”  -E.B.


“I’ve never been able to play 27 holes of golf, 3 days in a row. Thanks to Pilates lessons taught by Doug, now I can!” -C.W.

“Doug’s thorough knowledge of the body has helped me beyond measure. He modified the exercises to meet my specific needs. I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance!” -L.G.

“I feel amazing! Thank you Doug. You make Pilates fun! I wasn’t sure about having a male instructor, but I felt comfortable right from the beginning. Your directions are easy to follow and not intimidating! Can’t wait for my next lesson!” D.K.

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